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Hip-Hop & Drama

Hip-Hop Dance Classes & Drama Lessons for All Ages

While running, walking, and jogging are great forms of exercise, Brandywine Center for Dance's hip hop dance classes can be a lot more fun. We'll get you up on your feet, moving and grooving to some sensational music. Located in Wilmington, Delaware, we also offer effective modeling and drama instruction.

Fun Hip-Hop Dance Classes

Hip-Hop Instruction I 
This style of dance incorporates basic jazz with funky, freestyle street dancing. Edited, kid-safe versions of popular music are used with fun choreography. This is a great workout for children ages 9 to 11. Our attire is a black leotard, black jazz pants, and black jazz Oxfords.

Hip-Hop Instruction III
An open-level class for students aged 13 to adult. All are welcome! This class involves an intense workout with edgy, contemporary choreography. The attire for this class is casual, and sneakers are okay. Performers must wear Bloch S0538B.

Advanced Hip-Hop
Our professional-level classes are open to adults only, and professional company choreography is taught during this class. The attire for this class is casual, and sneakers are okay.

Young Man Dancing

We will be featuring a guest program director, Jem Dianado. She will be teaching adult hip hop and choreography classes.

All Boys Break Dancing
This all-level class is for any young man who's interested in learning to break dance, learn beginner gymnastics, and work on choreography. This class is for ages eight and up. Students should dress in shorts or sweatpants with sneakers.

Professional Drama & Modeling Instruction

Drama Instruction
This instruction employs the use of voice, body, and face for character development and creativity, improvisation, scene study, audition pointers, and monologues. Our drama techniques easily transfer over to everyday life.

Drama Techniques & Improvisation
Vocal exercises are taught to enhance both singing and speaking voices. Presentation of musical selections as well as monologues facilitate our performing skills. Corrections and suggestions are given to each student each day to better their presentation skills in front of the group.

This class involves basic stage blocking and direction as well as studies in characterization. Younger children work extensively with fun improvisations and basic stage directions. Projection and enunciation techniques are taught to all students. This is a great way for children to gain self-confidence, allowing them to trust their abilities.

Private Modeling Lessons
Students are instructed in both freestyle and Miss America pageant system modeling. Models learn T-formation runway techniques, stylistic differences between formal wear modeling, casual wear modeling, and print work. The course also provides portfolio pointers and presence and appearance training as well as choreographed routines for modeling competition and auditions. All instruction is private and by appointment only.

Modeling Competition
Please check our monthly newsletter for more information.

People on Stage Performing and People in Groups